This competition is now closed

Thanks for your entries!

Winners will be announced on 2nd October 2020. Please follow @surgecoremusic and @s.age.music on instagram to get the latest info on this contest and to find out who the winners are!

Want your chance to show off your style? Wanna be on a remixes EP? Why not enter the Holding On Remix Competition! S.AGE and I are going to give an official release to the top three remixes that are submitted, so get going!

What we are looking for:

OriginalityThis is your chance to combine your sound with our song, we wanna hear what YOU can do with it, so make sure to put in all your signature sounds and feel from your genre!

Creativity - Make sure you get your own creative spin on the song, do whatever you wanna do with it! Wanna turn it into Hardstyle? Go ahead! Wanna turn S.AGE's vocals into a kick drum? Be our guest! Showcase yourself!

Genre Exploration - Any remixes don't necessarily have to be tropical house at all, in fact we would love to hear a whole range of genres, whichever one your favourite one to make is!

We'll be taking the above into consideration when we choose the winners, and if you win you'll win an official release on our upcoming "Holding On - Remixes" EP!

How To Enter:

Entering this contest is easy! Simply submit your name and email in the form below. The stems will the be sent to you via email for you to use to create your remix. To submit your remix, please email a Private Soundcloud Link with your remix to enquiries@surgecoremusic.com with the subject line "Holding On Remix Contest". Please note all submissions are due at 23:59 BST on 25th September 2020, and the winners will be announced on 2nd October 2020. Good luck!

BPM = 120

Key = Dm

Terms & Conditions

Please note that if your remix is selected, you will be contacted via the email address you supplied above and required to sign a publishing agreement and song split agreement before your song will be featured on the aforementioned EP. This is so that you can legally give us permission to feature your remix on the EP, and so that we can share the songwriting royalties and ownership as 50% for your contributions as a remixing artist as one legal entity, and 50% split between Surgecore and S.AGE as one legal entity (e.g. 50% for you, 25% for Surgecore, 25% for S.AGE). We are required to do write these up for everyone's fair benefit so failure to sign these agreements will mean that we won't be able to feature your song on the EP and you will forfeit the EP placement to another competitor (though all this means is that everyone who worked on the song benefits fairly from it). More information regarding this will be emailed to you if you are selected as a winning remixer.

If you would rather we contact you in a different way, for example through Instagram Direct Message, please drop an email to enquiries@surgecoremusic.com and let us know the your preferred details. Please note that if you are a winner, you must respond to our correspondence within 48 hours confirming that you are happy to accept the prize and sign the contracts given. This is so we can make all necessary preparations so that we can announce the winners on time, a week after the competition closes.

"BUT WAIT! I have a late entry and don't want to miss out!" -No worries, drop us a link to enquiries@surgecoremusic.com and we'll see what we can do! Please bare in mind we can't guarantee that late entries will be accepted, but we will always give them a listen!

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