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Who says life as we know it started on this planet? I know scientists say that many millions of years ago, life started on this planet because of a variety of reasons. But think about it... What proof do we have? What proof do we have that life started on Earth?

...and what if it didn't?

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Volume 1

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The story begins on Mars, where everything starts. Who said life started on Earth? The album takes us on a journey, and tells the story of the past, of what really happened before Humans were here. It all starts off with a concept of Ancient Futurism, where civilization on Mars is a lot more advanced than modern day Earth civilization. First, a news report describes the fact that
Operation Terraformation may occur, where all astronomical efforts will be changed to alter the conditions of other planets to become more suited to Martian life. All because of an inevitable Climate Change that every planet seems to come to, and the oncoming disaster creates a political nightmare along with a Divided Population. Although, speculation began to arise that the real cause of this was the resource mining corporation and financial superpower, Twin Moons, who were taking drastic measures of energy production, to the point where excess mining, using new overpowered mining techniques, was weakening the gravitational pull of Mars. Meanwhile, at the Citadel Of Olympus Mons, the High Martian Council had officially created a division of top scientists, known as Eternal Whisper, who were hard at work researching quick and easy ways to Terraform a planet in the solar system to create a second home for the Martian species. After many projects had been tried and tested, a number had worked on a small scale but not on a large one. It was time to expand to outer space and begin the testing in a brand new project: Zushera; which would create the dawn of a new civilization on a new planet.

However, Sean Wilkins, the managing director of Twin Moons, did not agree to this, as it would cost more money than even they could earn to transfer all of the mining equipment to the new planet, and would result in their bankruptcy. This created severe political tension between the supercorporation and Martian government, which eventually brought Twin Moons to breaking point. They unleashed their private army as a collective Bringer Of War. The High Martian Council, who had now joined forces with the civilian resistance named the Cult Of Olympus Mons, retaliated, leading to an all-out war known as Groundstrike. At this point, Mars was starting to look like a battlefield, and the civilization that once thrived was close to vanishing into a red desert. Will the civilization of Mars Escape the torment?

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